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About Us

After having been in the Oil business working for Getty Oil and Shell for years, I am now game fully employed by myself, doing what I love to do.  I make Wind Chimes, more specifically, Wind Art.  I'm a Full-time Single Dad and this allows me to be the kind of Stay-at-Home Dad that my daughter needs me to be.  "Works for Me" she says.

History of EyeDiehl Chimes

I began this Art Adventure a few years ago when my little girl told me she wanted to give her teacher a gift.  When I asked her what her teacher liked, she said that she was a Wind Chime Freak.

At the time, we lived where there was a creek behind our house, complete with Beaver Dams and an ample supply of Gnawed up Beaver Wood.  We'd collected walking sticks for quite some time, so I took off on this idea of utilizing them in this design.  Well, the wood became branches and roots and each piece has it's own little personality that makes this so unique.  I never know how one will turn out until I'm finished.

Others Who Have Supported our Project

There is no way I could have continued with this Art project without the support of many people, too many to list.

My main supporters have been my daughter Chelsea, all of the Families from Metro Gymnastics who have purchased my Wind Chimes, and all of their friends that have done the same.  I've even got to thank the folks that have purchased from me while I stood on a corner, doing the Street Vendor thing.  Now, I thank the many Retailers, Feng Shui Consultants, Yoga Institutions, Garden and Interior Designers, and Art Galleries that continue to purchase my Chimes.

I've also got to thank Riley, Georgie, Demi Lou and Bobbi Jo .........  our two beloved Dogs and Cats that keep me company in my shop whenever I am working.


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