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EyeDiehl Chimes


You've Never Seen or Heard A Wind Chime Like This Before

Sample of 3 Dinger Design

See "What We Offer" page for pricing. 

Totally made in the USA

Soothing Deep Tones  "Visual Bliss"

The Most Unique Concept in Wind Chimes since the Wind Began to Blow!

OK, They are Really Cool!

Giant Size - Giant Sound (not loud, just DEEP)

Half the Price of Large Commercial Chimes!  Compare Prices  /  Woodstock 74" for $225.00  /  Woodstock King David  88"  $479.00  /   Ours are same or Larger -  from $100 - $150. 

AND, nobody else will have one like yours because these are all Unique Works of Art  

There is no other gift you could give someone that will be a constant reminder of the Kind Spirit intended with your gift.  Truly a Gift from the Heart

Kokepeli Wind Catcher

These beautiful chimes are each a unique work of Art (not manufactured).  Each one of these giant, oversized chimes has a gentle "Gong" that is soothing to your soul and eye (no Tinker Bell stuff here).  Specially made from tuned from Steel Tubing and designed to fit your indoor or outdoor setting.  Everyone will ask where you got these.  Can be customized to meet your desires.
Tubing for EyeDiehl Chimes are a beautiful, black, acrylic base with a Granite Texture (Black or Green Granite), finished with layer after layer of Hi Gloss Spar Urethane coating to outlast any weather Mother Nature can dish out.  The Beaver Creek Chime is around 95" in total length with three 2-3/8" Steel Tubes (Awesome Resonance).  Wood tops come from natural envronments, hand harvested from "Fallen Trees", specially selected for a distinguished cosmetic character.  The tops become the unique signature of each piece, taking on a character of their own.


See Photo Gallery for more examples!

Love Wind Catcher (negative)

Chimes are awesome all year long.

Feng Shui



How they are Made:

Tops (Racks) vary in size and shape, one of the unique features of your Eyediehl Wind Chime.  The Tubes are Galvanized Steel that will resist Rust and Oxidization. Steel vs. Aluminum gives a deeper resonation for each note. Hand tuned to the "NBC Peacock" chime.  The Dinger is made from a solid wood that has been saturated with Spar Urethane for long lasting durability.  Dingers available for louder or softer tones (all are actually softer than commercial "manufactured" chimes  -----  yuck!)  The Wind catchers (some samples pictured above and on Gallery page), can be customized to meet your needs. Possibilities are endless. Even logos or themes can be created with Wood Burning Crafting skills. Will volley email of print to be used before shipping for verification. See "What We Offer" Page for added cost of customized wind catchers.  The Cord structure is made from the finest "black" Parachute cord which will resist all of the elements and is extremely strong. Each tube has it's own unique "Internal" hanger, eliminating any cord contact and providing optimum resonance.

Please get in touch to place your order and customize your Wind Art 

You can e-mail us at:

EyeDiehl Chimes* Edmond, OK * US * 73003 / eyediehlchimer@yahoo.com